Football equipment for club

You’re part of your club’s staff?

After more than 20 years of experience, the brand TIBTOP® has entered the common language of football and built its history with all its partner clubs. Why not yours ? Get your 100% personalised products to equip your players in your club’s colors.

Smart shin pads

Manage and analyze your team's performance directly from your tablet using the TIBTOP® CONNECT solution. Comparative analysis, areas of occupancy, collective report, comparison by curves, the functionalities offered by the application are complete.

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  • MEASURING athletic performance has previously only been the preserve of elite football. TIBTOP® is proud to contribute to democratize the use of performance data for ALL.
  • EVALUATING athletic data after a match or training allows you to quantify the players’ efforts and thus to follow their evolution over time.
  • PROGRAM to Avoid tiredness and injury risk is the absolute goal to maintain your players performances up over time.


Custom shin pads

Our shin pads are fully customisable with your logo, colors, player’s name and number !

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A lot of clubs around the world have chosen TIBTOP® shin pads to equip their team. The shell is lightweight, resistant, flexible to fitting all body types. The foam is hypoallergenic and non-slipping.  Thanks to all those characteritics, our shin pads suit everyone,  from the youngest player to senior teams. So fast and easy to do thanks to TIBTOP®!You want to see what it could look like with your colors ? Our graphic designers will make a unique design just for you ! Contact us to discover the decreasing prices reserved to clubs.


Shin pas supports

Available in 11 colors, the supports adapt perfectly to the players' equipment and thus comply with FIFA rules.

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Comfortable, efficient, practical, economical and validated by professional players, they are suitable for all footballers.

Our club solution allows you to personalise your team's shin pads supports with your club logo and your players’ names & numbers. A 100% custumisabled product that will allow your players to proudly wear their colors. Contact us to discover the advantageous rates reserved to the clubs.


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TIBTOP® advice

What equipment does TIBTOP® offer for playing soccer?

Smart shin guards - Personalized shin guards - Shin guards supports.

Since 2015, the TIBTOP® team has only played one match in competition: the players’s protection (men, women or children) via compulsory equipment to be on a soccer field: the shin guard. We’re glad to take the goalkeeper place in our soccer team. We don't watch over the cages and the ball, but over you and your shins! For each and every TIBTOP® product, we have won numerous prizes rewarding the quality of our competition accessories! Want more details? We are available to meet your desires!

Can I customize TIBTOP® shin guards?

Wearing your club’s colors is powerfull and that’s something that The TIBTOP® team has understood the importance of. Just like the rest of the outfit, jerseys, shorts or socks, you can personalize your TIBTOP® club product with the details of your choice such as the logo, name and number of each player. One product fits everyone. Man, woman, child, from players to the goalkeeper. In addition to the practical side, offering a single range reduces the production price , eases the orders, so you can easily ad dit in your players pack. To complete your club football outfit or pack and to descover our club’s soccer offer and equipment prices, the TIBTOP® team is available to discuss your wishes from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Why should I use supports to maintain my shin guards?

"Classic" shin guards tend to slide towards the ankle during exertion and cause discomfort. This is why TIBTOP® invented elastic supports in 2003. Many multi-sport competitors with a football range such as Nike or Adidas offer a "similar" product, however be very vigilant that technical quality of the product, does not interfere with blood circulation, one of TIBTOP®’s caracteristic. We know what our concurrents offer. An advice ? Use TIBTOP®;) ! Please note that FIFA regulations require to match your guard stay’s color with your socks and your outfit in general. You can’t choose your accessories following your desires! If the blue dominates on your socks, your sleeves cannot be yellow, green or red! Only TIBTOP® offers soccer players a range of 11 support colors to match the socks.

How to choose my shin guards ?

We won’t hide it from you, we are sure that our shin guards are the best in terms of quality and value for money on the market! Our hypoallergenic and non-slip foam 100% made in France, the super light weight and the fact that they are worn by the greatest players from the biggest clubs in the world reinforce our legitimacy. Our personalized product range is available for everyone, men, women or children. Not to mention only us (we are good players!), Other brands have shin guards such as Nike, Adidas, Uhlsport ... if their prices are sometimes attractive, the product quality and the made in France are arguments that only we are able to highlight.

Are the smart football shin guards customizable?

Sure ! Even the club version app can be personalized with your players photos. This technological material is available for all levels of our favorite sport and to be used during training and matches. Ideal for any soccer club that wants to improve their players. Ready for competition? The TIBTOP® team is available to discuss it with you and present our performance measurement solution in detail.

FAQ: Regular questions asked by our partners about soccer equipment for clubs

If "The devil is in details", so is your team’s style! Gone are the days when all the players were on the pitch mismatched! Our players want to be perfectly equipped, from shorts to shirts, socks to guard stay to represent their club with dignity. Whether for matches or training, the outfit is important, from the moment you arrive at the club, and even more so when playing outside : The competition begins with the way the team looks! Man or woman, players or goalkeeper, from junior to senior, playing at Paris Saint Germain or in a small club village, this is indeed a point on which all soccer players find themselves: the uniform common to all players of the club strengthens the spirit of belonging, brings together the players, and inflates the team’s ego. We will embellishing your team's outfit. In addition to shorts, jerseys, socks, your equipment will be perfected with TIBTOP® accessories : Proud of your club in every detail!

How to choose a good soccer club equipment?

As a manager or member of the staff of a soccer club you know better than us that finding the right ideal football product for your club, the perfect outfit at the right price for your players is hard work! The range of equipment available is vast, the soccer brands numerous, the choice of "soccer packs" endless, and this at all prices. It can be difficult to strike the right balance between the ideal equipment for your practice in matches and training, and the price the club can pay for kits and accessories. Finding club soccer equipment is almost a competitive sport! For match and training outfits, the goalkeeper's outfit, equipment and accessories are varied. Several brands are in competition ! All of them offer club equipment, accessories and football outfits. Same fight for the practice of Volley Ball, Handball, Basket or Rugby. Well surrounded, you will find the equipment which corresponds to your desires and needs for soccer practice. The ideal is to find the right value for money, and choose the equipment that shares the values ​​of our sport. Remember that in our sport, equipment is not limited to short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts, shorts, socks and balls, nor to the historic brands of football equipment Nike, Adidas! In fact, for shin guards and guard stay, we recommend only one brand! TIBTOP®!

How to finance the club equipment for your players?

Funding is the sensitive part of the project, the club's cash desks are often poorly filled and the charges numerous! The subsidies allow the purchase of equipment (jerseys, shorts, balloon socks) but the available cash barely covers the cost of the equipment, so for accessories it can be complicated! In order to facilitate this step, TIBTOP® offers decreasing pack prices from 10 pairs ordered. TIBTOP® produces its equipment on demand. Being extremely flexible and available allows the club to offer our accessories for sale for each team in each category - Men, Women, Children - at a preferential price. It is also possible to add it to the packs given to each player. This allows, if the club takes care of it, to make a small profit on the sale price, and thus to be able to invest in additional equipment. We can also, at your request, add on your shin guards the logo of a sponsor available to participate in the purchase of equipment. For more details and to get into the game, don't hesitate to contact us!