• Shin guard holders
    <p><strong>Tibtop® elastic support:</strong></p> <p>Real innovation (awarded at the Lépine Competition in 2004) designed on the principle of elastic restraint to meet the constraints of the use of medical adhesive tapes (strap, elasto and others) rolled up above or under the sock. The Tibtop® support used around the world by hundreds of thousands of amateur and professional footballers is the foundation of the Tibtop® brand awareness. We then recognize its value as an original product, very often copied but never equaled. Its construction technique gives the user enough support without cutting off blood circulation! No more shin guards that slip, cramps, socks worn by the glue of adhesive tapes of all kinds as well as their associated waste-residues… The elastic support of Tibtop® shin guards meets FIFA regulations concerning the wearing of “ over-socks ”by offering 11 colors that match most of the colors of existing football socks (specific colors on request depending on quantities).</p>
  • Smart Shin guard
  • Custom shin guards
    <p>TIBTOP® offers you to customize your shin guards as you wish!</p> <p>From the most complete customization (with your photos, logos and text), to the ones with the colors of your favorite club or even using a design base prepared for you, we have the shin guards that suit you!</p> <p>Whatever your choice, shin guards are all one size. They are perfect for the little ones as well as the very tall ones and are 100% made in France.</p>

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