• Shin guard holders
    <p><strong>Tibtop® elastic support:</strong></p> <p>Real innovation awarded. Designed on the principle of elastic restraint. Avoid the use of medical adhesive tapes (strap, elasto and others). The Tibtop® support is used around the world by hundreds of thousands of amateur and professional footballers.</p> <p>As a star product TIBTOP® has been so often copied but never equaled! This guard stay or elastic sleeve maintain your shin guard on place, without cutting off your blood circulation! No more shin guards that slip, cramps, socks damaged by the adhesive tapes glue. The Tibtop® elastic support for shin guards meets FIFA regulations  by offering 11 colors to match with your football socks colors.</p>
  • Smart Shin guard
    <p>More than a football GPS tracker, Tibtop Connect® is the first smart shin guard connected to a free mobile app for analyzing footballer's performance on the field.</p> <p>Discover your speed, sprints, positioning on the field, touches of balls, strike force and much more ... All the datas needed to allowing each player to progress on the field and to compare himself to professional players.</p> <p>Get all of your statistics directly after the match or training. In compulsory, light equipment, far from the discomfort caused by the GPS jackets.</p> <p>Try TIBTOP® - Emprove your soccer.</p>
  • Custom shin guards
    <p>Customizable Football shin guards by TIBTOP®</p> <p>Choose your model, from a total customization with your photos, logos and name and number to some designs with your favorite club's colors or with a predefined design ... Whatever you like, we have the perfect shin guard for you!</p> <p>TIBTOP® shin guards feature a tough outer shell very resistant and a soft foam. Our shin guards are flexible, light and one size. They are perfect for children as well as adults. Perfect football gift for children or any football lover. </p> <p></p>

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