Smart shin guards Tibtop connect


Smart shin guards equipped with a GPS tracker

It's the perfect balance between the comfort of the footballer and the precision of his performance. 


Shin guards equipped with a GPS tracker

It's the perfect balance between the comfort of the footballer and the precision of his performance. The smart foottball shin guard Tibtop Connect is the first intelligent shin guard connected to a mobile application for the analysis of footballer's performances by the athlete himself or by the technical staff. Electronics are integrated into the intelligent shin guard No need for any additional accessories. The shin guard remains very light (80 g), thin, solid and waterproof. The player controls the activation and deactivation of the device by his mobile. For team practice, the session is piloted by the coach directly from the tablet.

A concentrate of technologies

An omnidirectional GPS antenna associated with an inertial unit (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) accurately records the footballer's results. This allows for in-depth analysis right after the game or practice.

All this technology will allow you to know and analyze right after the game or training:

The number of kilometers traveled

Your speed

Your high intensity sprints

Your positioning in the field (heatmap)

Your touches of the ball,

Your strike force.

A smart energy management solution has been implemented. It alternately uses Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi. This allows low energy consumption allowing up to 6 hours of active use and very fast battery charging (100% in 1h30.

The Tibtop Connect app

he application allows you to manage the results on a tablet or smartphone, make comparisons, divide the session into relevant sequences, analyze movements, etc. The Tibtop Connect shin guard helps technical staff better prepare teams and players to perform at higher levels.

Available on Apple Store and Google Play. 

WARNING This application works perfectly with Iphone and Samsung. We do not guarantee optimal operation on other brands.

WARNING Application available only in French or English

Made in France

Manufacturing, testing, assembly and shipping are carried out in France Product delivered with a charger and shin guard supports.


Data sheet

Autonomie jusqu’à 3 semaines en veille et 6h en mode actif
Batterie Lithium-Polymer NTC
Capacité mémoire d’enregistrement jusqu’à 4h de jeu
Centrale inertielle jusqu’à 100Hz (accéléromètre, gyroscope et magnétomètre 3D)
Communication sans fil Bluetooth LE et Wifi
Dimensions : h 15.5cm x l 7 à 10cm x Epaisseur moyenne 0.7cm
Distance d’activation par le mobile jusqu’à 10m
Géolocalisation jusqu’à 10Hz, GPS, GNSS et Galileo (Pus de 80 satellites), antenne multidirectionnelle
Poids 80g le protège-tibia / Couleur noir
Port de charge USB type C
Temps de charge 1h30 en continu pour 100% de batterie
Dans une enceinte ouverte ou semi-ouverte pour le bon fonctionnement du GPS (captation satellite)
Permet la restitution par l’application mobile Tibtop Connect des indicateurs suivants :
Vitesse max., distance totale, allures, nombre de sprints haute intensité, nombre de frappes, vitesse de frappe, carte de chaleur via l’outil de découpe et « Replay » de session
Carte électronique tropicalisée : étanchéité, résistance aux températures -65 à150°C
Conforme à la RGPD
Normes CE-EN13061, ROHS, CEM, EU 2016-425
Dans le respect des conditions générales d’utilisation
Electronique 2 ans / Coque et mousse 1 an

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